Expanding Neuro Marketing Doctor’s Innovative Medical Marketing Services to San Jose

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Neuro Marketing Doctor Curitiba has been a trailblazing force in the marketing industry for over 15 years. Specializing in medical marketing, we have successfully served businesses, clinics, hospitals, and physicians throughout Brazil. Now, we are thrilled to announce our expansion to the vibrant city of San Jose.

Our Unique Approach

Neuro Marketing Doctor is not just a marketing agency; we are pioneers in leveraging advanced techniques of Neuromarketing and Artificial Intelligence to craft distinctive and effective strategies for our clients. Our success lies in a three-pillared approach:

  1. Advanced Marketing Strategy

    Our core strength lies in developing advanced marketing strategies tailored for medical professionals, clinics, hospitals, and businesses. Beyond the traditional tools of marketing, we understand that true success comes from a well-thought-out strategy. Our in-depth market analysis considers the context of your business, consumers, products, and services, ensuring that our strategies deliver value and profitability.

    Advanced marketing strategy, for us, means utilizing modern tools to communicate effectively with your target audience. It’s not just about advertisements, websites, or social media; it’s about creating a comprehensive plan that aligns with your business goals.

  2. Convenience for Our Clients

    At Neuro Marketing Doctor, we prioritize the convenience of our clients. Our unique approach involves asking fewer questions and providing more answers. A simple conversation with our experts allows us to delve deep into your market, understand your competitors, and position your brand effectively. We rely on advanced Neuromarketing studies and Artificial Intelligence tools to gather precise and scientific information about the markets we serve.

    With extensive experience in the Brazilian healthcare market, we guide medical professionals, clinics, and hospitals on a secure path to success. Our focus is on delivering value quickly and efficiently, optimizing your time and putting marketing plans into action, whether it’s social media management, website development, or advertising.

  3. Swift and Efficient Processes

    With over 15 years of experience across various industries, including healthcare, industry, and services, we have honed our skills in Lean Thinking, Neuromarketing, and Artificial Intelligence.

    • Lean Thinking: Based on the principles of the Toyota management method, Lean Thinking advocates for the rational use of work processes, aiming for optimal results with disciplined and organized effort.
    • Neuromarketing: We apply advanced studies of the brain and human behavior to validate marketing hypotheses, moving beyond the imagination of earlier authors.
    • Artificial Intelligence: Our use of intelligent tools reduces human processes, streamlining execution time, and eliminating wastage caused by errors or lack of planning.

The Neuro Marketing Doctor Story

The journey began with our founder, Humberto M. Vilanova, during his internship in the GLOSA REVIEW department of the CASSI Health Plan (Employee Health Plan of Banco do Brasil). In this era of manual processes, Humberto meticulously analyzed invoices from doctors, clinics, and hospitals, overseeing charges for exams, consultations, procedures, and surgeries.

His inquisitive and proactive nature led him to engage in daily conversations with doctors who questioned the generated claims and their justifications. These rich interactions served as the foundation for our future establishment – Neuro Marketing Doctor, an agency dedicated to medical marketing.

As we embark on this exciting venture to San Jose, we bring with us not just years of experience but a commitment to innovation and excellence in medical marketing. Neuro Marketing Doctor is ready to revolutionize the way medical professionals and healthcare businesses in San Jose connect with their audience and achieve unprecedented success.

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